gelato McDonald's xilitolo

Is there xylitol in McDonald’s ice cream? That’s the question that many customers of the famous fast-food chain are asking these hours. For now, the rumour is circulating in the United States, spread widely via social media, but it is not difficult to imagine how it could spread to other countries. The fact that foods such as hamburgers that can be bought at fast food like McDonald’s are not as healthy as a salad could be, but that McDonald’s ice cream could even kill a dog (xylitol is poisonous for them), goes a long way.

At the moment, the rumour circulating on Facebook must be considered unfounded. A check has shown that xylitol is not one of the ingredients in McDonald’s ice cream. Let’s open a parenthesis on the nature of the posts.

Many of them call for attention to dogs, precisely because the incriminated substance can be fatal for our four-legged friends. Well, dogs should certainly stay away from this substance, but they shouldn’t eat ice cream and various sweets, salted food etc. either. In short, anyone who gives their dog ice cream is certainly not doing it any good.

Di Vincenzo Borriello

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