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Suicidio TikTok inquisitor Ghost

Vincent Plicchi, 23, also known as Inquisitor Ghost, committed suicide on Tuesday during a live broadcast on TikTok. At the moment of the tragedy, thousands of people were gathered. Many realized what was happening and called 112, but unfortunately, it did not help to prevent the young man from taking his own life. In the meantime, TikToker’s father was also alerted and immediately went to his son’s aid. He did not make it in time.

According to information, TikToker was a victim of cyberbullying, he was being persecuted by other tiktokers like him who had unleashed a hate campaign, a shitstorm that had undermined the 23-year-old’s mental state. The young man left a letter to his father explaining that he could no longer cope, he was going through too difficult a time.

Inquisitor Ghost ‘s suicide on TikTok: the Bologna public prosecutor’s office may open a file

It cannot be ruled out that in the next few hours, the Bologna public prosecutor’s office will open a file for incitement to suicide. It has emerged that the tiktoker had been the victim of continuous virtual attacks for some time after a 17-year-old girl had accused him of harassing her.

Some screenshots supporting the accusations of the minor had also circulated online. However, according to some speculations, Inquisitor Ghost was the victim of a plot hatched by other tiktokers to discredit him with the complicity of the accuser. It is likely, therefore, that the Public Prosecutor’s Office will decide to investigate the matter further.

Inquisitor Ghost’s suicide video on TikTok

The video of Inquisitor Ghost’s suicide is circulating online, confused among the dozens of tributes to the young influencer. Spreading those dramatic images is not easy as Vincent Plichi’s videos were widely followed and shared. There is a serious risk that those images will remain online for a long time.

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