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What is happening in Russia in these hours is a war between criminals rather than a civil war. Criminals, that is what Vladimir Putin and what until recently was to be considered a trusted ally, Evgenij Prigozhin, leader of the bloodthirsty Wagner mercenaries, are. In Ukraine and beyond, the paramilitary group has been the protagonist of unspeakable atrocities, even against members of the group accused of treason, and for this executed in the most painful and obscenely terrible manner.

War criminals but also cannon fodder for the Kremlin, which has enjoyed their services in various war scenarios, not only in the Dombas but also in Libya, Syria, Mali, and the Central African Republic.

In Ukraine, the Wagner group arrived with a very specific task: to kill President Zelensky, without succeeding. Among the promises Putin made to Evgenij Prigozhin were those of a blitzkrieg and lots of money. He lied, as the facts show.

What’s happening in Russia: why is the Wagner Brigade attacking Putin?

The tension between Vladimir Putin and Evgenij Prigozhin has been growing steadily in recent months. The head of the Wagner brigade began to express his discontent with the fate of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, complaining about the lack of weapons, food, and fuel for the vehicles.

The consequence was a high number of human casualties. Not that the bloodthirsty mercenary cares about the lives of his men in a human sense. The real problem is that his ‘merchandise’ has suffered such damage that the profit has been reduced. Finding continued flesh to slaughter is no easy feat.

But the reasons for the revolt are also others. Prigozhin reported that a Wagner camp was hit by Russian missiles, causing many casualties.

The Kremlin has rejected the accusations. However, the Wagner group has given Putin more problems than solutions in recent times is evident.

Putin, after Wagner’s march on Rostov, spoke of civil war, coup d’état, and treason. Prigozhin’s intention is clear: to overthrow the military leadership, incapable in his view.

Oligarchs behind the coup in Russia?

One must ask oneself a question about what is happening in Russia. Is Prigozhin marching with Wagner to Moscow on his own initiative or is someone else behind him? The accusations of an attempted coup in Russia are not far-fetched.

It is well known that there are quite a few Russian oligarchs who wish for Putin’s demise, even more so after the heavy economic sanctions that have hit Russia’s ultra-billionaires. A situation that has become untenable considering that the war in Ukraine is far from over.

Putin’s position has weakened, it is obvious. He is like the old, tired, and possibly sick taskmaster who is about to be done away with. Financing Wagner now could be a large group of Oligarchs with the resources to try to overthrow Putin.

These are mere speculations, of course, but it is certain that no one in the West will oppose an overthrow of the regime.

Stuction in Voronezh and Rostov

Sources in the Wagner group hope that they control the city of Voronezh. Here, the Russian army is said to have offered no resistance, leaving the mercenaries free. By Putin’s own admission, the situation in Rostov is difficult where the mercenaries have taken control of all militia targets and even the airport.

Several witnesses report gunshots and explosions in Rostov with many people fleeing. Prigozhin said they took control of the Rostov headquarters without firing a shot. In Lipetsk, a region north of Voronezh, the population is advised to stay at home.

The situation in Moscow: the city is armored

Meanwhile, Moscow is preparing for the siege of Wagner. Military and police have been deployed. Many checkpoints have been set up. In Moscow, all available reservists have been called up to be deployed to defend the city.

Those who could, left Moscow, but no more plane tickets for foreign countries could be found. Latvia denied visas to fleeing Russians.

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