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Moonbin morto a 25 anni

Mourning in the world of k-pop: former Astro band member Moonbin died at the age of 25. The death occurred yesterday, Wednesday 19 April. The South Korean artist’s corpse was discovered by his manager. The singer and actor were expected at the rehearsal but did not show up. The manager tried to contact his assistant on the phone, without receiving an answer. At that point, worried, he went to his home in Gangnam district, Seoul. There the body was discovered and the police were called at 20:10 local time. On the cause of Moonbin’s death, the manager maintained the strictest confidentiality, asking on behalf of the k-pop singer’s family for respect for privacy and urging against unverified rumours.

Moonbin’s cause of death: police speak of possible suicide

The South Korean news agency Yonhap News reports that police sources speak of a possible suicide of Moonbin. This hypothesis will be confirmed by an autopsy on the corpse. The police said they found no clues in the house that would suggest that her death was the result of a crime.

On the other hand, no note written by the k-pop artist was found to explain the reasons for the possible suicide, which, it must be said, remains the most plausible hypothesis for the local police.


Moonbin‘s career began in 2016 as a member of the sextet Astro where he sang and danced. Thanks to hits such as “Crazy Sexy Cool,” “Baby” and “Confession,” the band made a name for itself with the general public.

Then in 2020, the singer and dancer joined forces with another Astra to form the Moonbin & Sanha project. The duo’s last released record was in January, the EP ‘Incense’.

On 20 April, one day before his death, the K-pop artist was supposed to perform with Sanha at the Dream Concert in Busan. Moon Bin had a sister who had embarked on a musical career: Moon Sua, a member of Billlie.

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