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Suicida Lil Bo Weep

Australian singer Lil Bo Weep has died, it was suicide. The death of the 22-year-old occurred last Saturday. The terrible news came from the father of Winona Brooks, the singer’s real name. In a message on Facebook, Matthew Schofield wrote:

This weekend we lost our battle with my daughter’s depression, post traumatic stress and drug addiction issues. She has fought hard against her demons, as have we all. We were there for her but she couldn’t fight it anymore, so we lost her. As a father I am proud of her. She was my daughter, my hero, my best friend. Now she is no longer suffering, the universe has its angel back. A big part of me is lost right now. I ask my friends not to call me until I am over this.

The loss of her baby

On 2 March, just days before committing suicide, Lil Bo Weep told followers that she would like to hold a memorial event in honour of her dead daughter.

Unfortunately, the eating disorder from which she had been suffering for some time would not allow her to carry a pregnancy to term. On Instagram the singer said:

Around this time a year ago I lost my baby girl, I would like to do something in her memory. Preferably something with flowers, on the beach or just have a day of mourning. I would really appreciate it if someone from Adelaide would do it with me, so please get in touch.

Lil Bo Weep songs popular on YouTube and Spotify

The musician began by uploading her tracks to SoundCloud in 2015. Tracks such as Codependency and No ok but its ok, have racked up millions of listens on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Canadian singer Alice Glass wrote on Twitter:

First heard “i wrote this song 4 you“ and loved your music immediately I’m so sorry you suffered i wish this Angel was still here and never met anyone that would hurt you

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  1. Bless you. Trauma sadness depression are stigmatised and ignored by people. These feelings are real, we need to care. Compassion .. help needed here too.. please contact me if you can. I understand this.. love natalia

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