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Shootout in a Jehovah’s Witnesses church in Hamburg, Germany, where a person shot at worshippers attending the church service. There are seven confirmed victims, at least eight wounded. The shooter went into (probably acted by a single person) action shortly after 9 p.m. this evening in the district of Alsterdorf and is said to be among the dead. The man allegedly took his own life shortly before the special forces raided the church. The corpse was reportedly found on the upper floor.

The police were heavily deployed. A German police spokesman reported that a call was made at 9:15 p.m. reporting a shooting at the Jehovah’s Witnesses church in the district of Deelböge, Hamburg.

Patrols in the area immediately rushed to the scene of the massacre, special teams also intervened. At the moment, the police say they do not know how many people were shot, let alone the motive for this terrible criminal act.

Terrorism is only one possible hypothesis, but there is still no confirmation of this. The motives for the massacre could be other.

Although the police asked the inhabitants of the neighbourhood to stay indoors and avoid using the telephone to prevent the lines from becoming congested, there is no evidence to suggest that there were one or more people on the run.

This circumstance strengthens the rumours that the murderer is among the dead people. It is. likely that the perpetrator committed suicide.

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