Female U.S. soldier hits with her car and kills 15-year-old boy in Porcia, Italy - Notizioso
Incidente Porcia Giovanni Zanier

A 20-year-old U.S. female soldier Julia Bravo, serving at the Usaf base in Aviano ran over with her car a 15-year-old boy, killing him. The victim is Giovanni Zanier. It was just after 2 a.m. The minor was in the company of some friends on the side of the road in a seemingly safe area. Due to causes under investigation, the U.S. soldier Julia Bravo drove her car off the road, hitting the 15-year-old. Despite rescue efforts, Giovanni Zanier died before being transported to the hospital.

Minor injuries to the U.S. military member, who is currently under house arrest. The charge is vehicular homicide. Alcohol test results positive.

The military woman Julia Bravo could face trial in the U.S.

It cannot be ruled out that at the end of the preliminary investigation the U.S. soldier Julia Bravo could be tried in the United States.

According to the international treaties inherent in NATO military jurisdiction, at the time of prosecution, at the request of the soldier’s Base, or at his discretion, the Italian Minister of Justice can activate the jurisdictional default and allow the U.S. suspect to be tried in the United States.

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