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Scontri ultras ultras Eintracht Francoforte

There are hours of tension in Naples, particularly in the city centre, with the Eintracht Frankfurt ultras having set out from Germany with one sole intent: to put the Neapolitan city to the sword. A plan that was allegedly also prepared with the logistical support of the Atalanta ultras. A circumstance, this one, which, however, will have to be confirmed in the coming hours.

In the intentions of the German ultras there would also have been a plan to deface the Maradona mural, a place of great tourist appeal. The plan, fortunately, was not carried out thanks to the deployment of police forces.

The unauthorised parade of Eintracht Frankfurt ultras through the city streets was a gauntlet to the Napoli ultras, who were far from reluctant to seek confrontation with their rivals.

The police managed to avoid direct contact between the opposite fans (there was an attempt to assault the buses carrying the Germans), however, there was a lot of damage to shops, bars and parked cars. A police car was set on fire.

Ultras Eintracht Frankfurt riots – latest news: fights in Piazza del Gesù, Naples

Violent confrontations took place in the afternoon in Piazza del Gesù where the German fans who were supposed to board buses and be taken to their hotels had been summoned. The ultras refused, knowing that they would never arrive at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium to watch the Napoli – Eintracht Frankfurt match.

However, the feeling is that attending the match is the last wish of the German supporters, who are evidently more interested in facing the police. At the moment, there are no reports of arrests.

The day, in any case, will be long and the situation could further degenerate as the time of the Champions League match Napoli Eintracht Frankfurt approaches.

Remember that many German ultras are without tickets, and they will try in any way, even with extremely violent behaviour, to gain access to the Diego Maradona stadium.

Fans took to the hotel

The situation is calm for the moment, the police escorted the German fans back to the hotel.

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