La ballerina Carla Fracci

Carla Fracci has died, she was 84 years old. As we had written in a previous article, the ballerina was in serious health condition. The situation got worse and worse until her death. The name of the étoile of the La Scala theatre will remain in print not only in the history of ballet but also in the history of our country. Carla Fracci carried the name of Italy around the world. Her fame has reached even the most remote corners of the earth, leaving an indelible mark in the eyes and hearts of those who have admired her dancing, graceful as few others.

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The causes of Carla Fracci’s death

According to rumours, Carla Fracci was suffering from cancer. The family has maintained the strictest confidentiality. After all, the queen of ballet has always been very reserved, far from the media clamour, preferring hard work to gossip, as she has demonstrated since her debut. Born in Milan in 1936, at the age of just 10 she began to study ballet under the protective and at the same time strict wing of Vera Volkova.

She graduated in 1954. Two years later she was a solo dancer. Four years after graduating, she became the prima donna at La Scala. From that moment on, an endless number of successes and awards followed, establishing her as one of the best ballerinas in the world.

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