Silvio Berlusconi è morto

Silvio Berlusconi has leukaemia: it is this terrible disease that is behind his admission to intensive care at the San Raffale hospital in Milan. It is precisely leukaemia that has caused the former premier to suffer from pneumonia. The 87-year-old leader of Forza Italia is undergoing chemotherapy.

Few news has been leaked from San Raffaele, but his loyalists, starting with Tajani, say that Silvio Berlusconi had a quiet night and that his condition is stable.

The Forza Italia leader is responding to treatment. At his bedside, his companion, Marta Fascina, his brother, Paolo Berlusconi, and his children did not fail to give their support. They all left the San Raffaele at lunchtime.

Silvio Berlusconi’s fight against Leukaemia – no medical bulletins

Silvio Berlusconi began a course of chemotherapy yesterday evening, 5 April. San Raffaele in Milan has issued no medical bulletin about Silvio Berlusconi’s health condition.

Representatives of Forza Italia, but also government allies, are optimistic. They all underline the entrepreneur’s temperament, describing him as lucid and combative.

Indeed, although bedridden, Berlusconi has not failed to take an interest in political matters by phoning his party’s top leaders to urge them to continue with their usual determination.

By many, the Forza Italia leader’s phone call was greeted as a sign of hope. However, a complicated clinical picture remains.

Di Vincenzo Borriello

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