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Incidente TheBordrlne

They call themselves TheBorderline, the five Italian YouTubers involved in the accident in Casal Polacco, Rome, which cost the life of little Manuel Proietti, a 5-year-old child, and the injury of his 3-year-old sister and 29-year-old mother. They are between 20 and 23 years old, four boys and a girl who perhaps, one day, will be parents and only at the time will probably understand that life is not a game.

Maybe only at the now will they understand what it means to live with the fear, almost always irrational but not in this specific case, that something might happen to your son. And no, to understand these things you have to be a mum and dad, just as to really understand the pain of losing a son, you have to experience it first hand.

When you are 20 years old, you don’t think about it, you feel invincible, and you even think you are intelligent if you have 600,000 followers. But intelligent people do not endanger themselves and others for a challenge on TikTok, YouTube, or wherever.

Accident in Rome: little Manuel Proietti dead from a challenge by YouTuber TheBorderline

TheBorderline rented a Lamborghini SUV, a luxury car. For pity’s sake, we will not fall into the error of ‘detonating’ discourses on the ephemeral, the lack of values of young people, etc., because it is clear that it was all part of a gag, unfortunately, ended tragically.

Given the violence of the impact, it seems obvious that the Lamborghini SUV was traveling at high speed, but things would probably have turned out differently if the driver, Matteo di Pietro and not Vito Loiacono as previously leaked, had not been distracted by the smartphone, the chatter and the revelry. Inevitable for Matteo Di Pietro is the charge of road homicide.

After all, you know, when driving, you have to stay focused with both hands firmly on the wheel, which is difficult if there is some kind of party going on while you are driving.

Driving 50 hours non-stop, was the challenge, although it is very probable that ‘the killer feat’ would have been accomplished in several sessions and then edited into the video; you know, people buy everything they see on the Internet.

The Borderline Video

Just an hour before the tragedy, Matteo Di Pietro’s TheBorderlne had posted a video on TikTok, a sort of gag anticipating the challenge entitled ‘How do kids behave now with a fancy car’.

Since that video was posted online, little Manuel Proietti had only a few hours left to live and unfortunately, he arrived on time for his date of death.

But let’s not talk about fate and such nonsense. Manuel Proietti did not die because it was written somewhere, but because there are people in the world who are too stupid to understand one simple thing: life is not a game and if you joke with it, it inevitably ends badly for you, but very often, also for those who have nothing to do with it.

The Borderline will have to go on living carrying a great weight, but what is worse, is that Manuel Proietti’s parents, hoping that the balance will not worsen, will have to live carrying an immense void.

Di Vincenzo Borriello

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