Aurelio De Laurentis: voci su una cessione del Napoli

A few words, evidently misinterpreted, were enough to land Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis at the centre of a lively protest against him by Africans. There were accusations of racism. How it even came to mention racism can only be explained by a bad translation of what the president of Napoli told Wall Street Italia about the African Cup of Nations and the players participating in it.

It is undeniable that the African Cup of Nations is being played in a delicate period for Italian teams. Serie A is in full swing and clubs are often deprived of starting players. Napoli had to do without Koulibaly and Anguissa at a crucial moment last season, while Victor Osimhen was not called up by Nigeria due to injury.

We are talking about three Napoli starters. But exactly what did Aurelio De Laurentiis say?

Guys, don’t talk to me about Africans anymore. I love you, but they have to sign me a waiver to participate in the African Cup of Nations otherwise between the African Cup of Nations, the championships in South America, I never have them available. I mean, we are the fools who pay the salaries to send them around with the national teams.

It was enough to trigger the indignation of the Africans who flooded the SSC Napoli Facebook page with angry messages.

Di Vincenzo Borriello

Direttore responsabile

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